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2019 Citroen C8 Concept and Release Data

2019 Citroen C8 Concept and Release Data

Citroen C8 2019 – 7 or 8-seater front-wheel drive minivan. In the Citroen range, the C8 replaced the Evasion minivan and in many respects surpassed it both in terms of technology and design. One of the unquestionable advantages of auto is its ability to transport bulky goods. The car is on the market since 2002. Therefore, the company carried out another update.

The developers took care of the security of the C8 2019, equipping it with a large number of modern systems. True, in full they are not available in all trim levels. The same applies to equipment that provides passenger comfort. However, even in the standard version, the C8 can offer more of its competitors.

Inside – well-designed ergonomics and a full range of amenities for both the driver and passengers. Landing behind the wheel is very specific: high, like on the throne. Opportunities for transforming the interior are amazing! Armchairs can be folded, moved, unfolded, turned into comfortable tables.

Motor range of car consists of two diesel engines. The first, HDi 135, produces 135 liters. from. power and 320 Nm of torque. The engine can only be paired with a 6-speed manual gearbox. The second power unit, the HDi 160, has 163 horsepower and 340 Nm of torque. In the same – a triumph of design fantasy: a two-story front panel, centered instruments with turquoise scales and joystick gearbox.

In Europe, the model will be sold in a variety of options for finishing, configuration and technical equipment. Russia is currently offered, only 2.0-liter version of the car in the SX package. Expand the list of equipment is available only for a surcharge.

The base price of the Citroen C8 2019 is 26.5 thousand euros. The basic version includes: anti-lock brake system (ABS), alarm, immobilizer, spoiler, central locking, cruise control, rain sensor, power steering and trip computer.

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