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2019 Ferrari 458 Italia Interior Dashboard Photos

2019 Ferrari 458 Italia Interior Dashboard Photos

The mid-engine two-seater coupe Ferrari 458 Italia, which replaced the model Ferrari F430, began to produce in Maranello in 2009. And finally the car received its next update.

The new model has a more aggressive appearance: long narrow headlights, stretched over the voluminous wings; large aggressive cutout in the front bumper. On the back of the body can be traced a new corporate style – now there are not four round lanterns, as before, but two. Perfect from the point of view of aerodynamics, the body provides less air resistance and increased downforce, including thanks to the new rear spoiler design.

The interior demonstrates a unique combination of luxury, futurism and rationality. The lightweight, fully leather-clad front panel is aimed at the driver. Auto offers a revolutionary ergonomic interface, in which the main controls are located on the steering wheel. The standard equipment of the supercar includes: sports seats with electric drive, dual-zone climate control, external electric mirrors with heating and navigation system.

The car is equipped with a 4.5-liter V8 engine developed by Ferrari / Maserati. This setup produces 570 hp. and 540 Nm. To the power unit is attached a 7-speed transmission GETRAG with two clutches. A traditional mechanical box for this model is not offered. The chassis is made of aluminum and various alloys.

Of the safety systems, the Ferrari 458 Italia has the latest technology on board. The driver can control the interference settings of the TCS and ESP systems until they are completely deactivated. The equipment also includes front airbags, side airbags, antilock braking system with disc ventilated brakes front and rear, power steering, bi-xenon headlights.

In the development, the technologies used to create the Formula 1 cars were used.

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