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2019 Ferrari 488 Spider Turbo Price in USA

2019 Ferrari 488 Spider Turbo Price in USA

We all know that at the Frankfurt Motor Show there are annual presentations of the newest cars. In September 2015, Ferrari presented us the new Ferrari 488 Spider 2019 model year.

The lightweight folding roof after its transformation will be located above the engine and perform the conversion in just 14 seconds, which is a good indicator. To ensure that the driver could feel confident during high-speed trips on the track, the new Ferrari received a double spoiler in the front, as well as a functioning rear diffuser, changing its position depending on the acceleration and speed. Rectangles of headlamps are completed with thin LED stripes placed on the side wings. In the center of the front, the stallion is located on a yellow background – the corporate logo of the Italian company. On the sides, the developers placed air intakes, resulting in improved aerodynamics.

Salon Ferrari 488 Spider 2019, according to tradition, is made of the most expensive and exclusive materials that are peculiar to this brand. Comfortable seats will suit the taste of any driver, especially with such functionality. In general, this is a typical interior for the Ferrari – a rudder wheel of unusual shape, compact dashboard and the lack of unnecessary and unnecessary details. The baggage compartment, located in front of the cabin, is designed to carry 230 liters of load, but almost all the space behind the seats is a folding roof.

On the technical side, the developers are doing a V-shaped “eight” for 4.5 liters, whose power is 570 horsepower at and 540 Nm. In a constructive plan, the roadster is almost identical to the coupe: the aluminum body structure, the front two-link and rear multi-link suspension, the electric power steering and powerful brakes. As for the price of the car, it starts with a mark of 226 thousand euros.

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