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2019 Kia Forte Interior Design Pictures

2019 Kia Forte Interior Design Pictures
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  •    November 23, 2017
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For South Korean manufacturers recently it has become quite common practice to simultaneously release several parallel versions of the same model. Of particular interest among all this auto-assortment is the original model – Kia Forte 2019. First of all, the choice of the name – Forte, which the Koreans have been using for a long time, not only in one Chinese market, but also in North American – is interesting.

Outside, the car demonstrates a new grille and a fresh design of the headlights and tail lights.

Inside, the car has its own black upholstery with white stitching and leather on the gear lever and steering wheel. The 4.2-inch display between the tachometer and the speedometer shows the mileage, and a 7-inch touch screen located at the center of the console is responsible for entertainment and information functions. The radio has traditional volume and tune controls, three other regulators control the climate control. The navigation system is available in a Premium package which also includes a panoramic roof, heated seats with electric adjustments and a renovated central window sill. By the way, the base price of the car will be not less than 20 thousand dollars.

In 2017, all Forte will be equipped with a 2-liter four-cylinder Kia engine, a power of 147 hp, which will replace the previous 1.8-liter. But even this new engine is six years old, although it uses the valve timing system for intake and exhaust valves. In violation of sports traditions, the S models are offered only with a six-speed automatic transmission, although a hand-held box is offered even for the cheapest LX sedan. The mode of manual switching in the automatic device partially covers the needs of sport driving, while holding the gear selected by the driver.

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