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2019 Peugeot 207 Rumors First Pictures

2019 Peugeot 207 Rumors First Pictures

Peugeot 207 – came to replace the popular model 206 and immediately repeated the success of its predecessor. This model a very beautiful. If you want to get a design from the manufacturer, here’s one of the elaborated directions in the form of a Peugeot car. It remains only to determine whether such a machine corresponds to your taste. Appearance is very promising. The car looks at least for its money, and even more expensive. And the cost of the car will be almost 17 thousand dollars.

In front, the car acquired one large branded radiator grille. Doors are fixed in a semi-open position and snap themselves when closing, there are door closers. Compared to the 206 model, the gas tank cap moved from the right side to the left.

If everything outside is promising, then inside is traditionally modest and tasteful. There are no more those funny children’s plastic pens. Plastic does not give cheap. Harmoniously selected materials. At the same time, the handle of the door and the gray fabric around her caught the eye. Also, the stove and blower regulators did not quite reach the general style. The steering wheel is exclusively driver – it is not burdened with buttons. It’s comfortable. The quality of the material is not annoying. The rubber band in the trunk for fixing small things will bring a lot of joy during the operation. Rear passengers depend on the location of the front passengers.

The 1.4L engine with automatic box, or more precisely with a robotic box, the automatic is not the easiest combination for movement. The 1.4L engine is good, but primarily economical. The robotic box pauses to change gears.

The Peugeot 207 proved itself to be a worthy European car of the B class. It has improved in every sense and will make you a good company in a soft and comfortable ride.

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