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2019 Range Rover Evoque Model Updates Photos

2019 Range Rover Evoque Model Updates Photos

Review of Range Rover Evoque 2019

Before models presentation in the 2nd half of next year, the second-gen vehicle appeared on some spy shots under construction. Found being tested in Germany, the pre-production sample has the same profile like the current 2011 version, but it looks like having a larger track and elevated rear stance, assuming that it should be experiencing suspension tests.

Freelander two platform is used on currently manufactured Range Rover. It is unknown if the updated variant will utilize a similar one or if Jaguar LR will present a brand-new variant.

More likely 2019 Evoque will get JLR’s 4-valve Ingenium motors, some variations already equipped on this model. At the present moment such 2.0 engines develop from 149 kW to 186 kW.

Some articles report that the updated version will offer electric suspension, but it is still uncertain if it will be full electric or a plug-in hybrid. There is a different option to produce a series variant of the Jaguar I-Pace EV in the nearest future. Evoque is more likely be an updated vehicle of the existing variant, just like the Velar model presented recently.

The final version is expected to receive a new-look, more likely with a divided grille and smoother head lamps. We also expect the updated vehicle more rounded off than the one currently manufactured.

2019 Evoque sales are expected to start immediately after its presentation, helping to raise JLR sales as well as growing an interest among younger clients to the trademark. Basically a 3 and 5-door variants were planned – although the 3-door one was abandoned – just as the lately presented Cabrio. It is unknown which styling will be available on the next-generation vehicle.

Updated model will be presented later next year, probably at Frankfurt Exhibition, before start of its sales at the beginning of 2019.

While JLR Australia could not state the new-generation version presentation date, we can assume that it will become available in approximately the middle of 2019.


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