Mercedes-Benz Sprinter: Advanced safety and assistance systems.

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter: Advanced safety and assistance systems.
Advanced safety and assistance systems in the new Sprinter.

New features provide even greater safety.

Commercially used vehicles have unique needs: they are usually on the road every day, need to handle high mileage and always remain controllable even in critical situations and despite their large dimensions. That is why the new Sprinter is available with an extensive range of optional safety and assistance systems that aid the driver.

For example, an optional 360° camera provides the driver with additional support. The Crosswind Assist is a standard feature and makes driving the van safer. The Traffic Sign Assist keeps an eye on speed limits along with no entry and no overtaking areas.

The new Sprinter drives along the road with houses in the background

DISTRONIC keeps the necessary distance.

The DISTRONIC Distance Assist can aid the driver by automatically maintaining a safe travelling distance to the vehicle ahead at above 20 km/h. A radar sensor in the front bumper provides the necessary data. The system can also detect lane changes or braking manoeuvres by other road users and can react immediately. In an emergency, the active distance assist is able to brake the Sprinter down to a standstill. The vehicle provides both visual and acoustic warnings when the system determines that stronger braking is necessary. If a collision is imminent, the Active Brake Assist could also intervene and attempt to prevent an accident.

Clear view thanks to Wet Wiper System and LED headlights.

The rain sensor with the integrated Wet Wiper System guarantees optimum visibility while cleaning the windscreen. The windscreen wiper water flows through the wiper arms and is sprayed directly in front of the windscreen wipers which wipe the water away immediately. This not only improves the cleaning, it also enhances the safety. While also reducing water consumption. The LED High Performance headlights distribute the light evenly and also reduce dazzling.

The Wet Wiper system in the new Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Driving Sprinter from the rear 1

The new Sprinter stays on track.

The Active Lane Keeping Assist is able to minimise the risk of accidents caused by inattentiveness. The system can warn drivers failed to pay attention and can guide the Sprinter back into the lane. The system can detect when the vehicle leaves the lane at speeds above 60 km/h. How does that work? Radar sensors monitor the traffic around the vehicle.

A camera checks whether the vehicle crosses the lane markings. The steering wheel vibrates to warn the driver of the danger caused by unintentionally leaving the lane. If the driver fails to react, the Active Lane Keeping Assist can brake the vehicle on one side, guiding it back into the lane.

Cockpit of the new Mercedes-Benz Sprinter

Full concentration thanks to ATTENTION ASSIST.

ATTENTION ASSIST supports the driver on long journeys. The system monitors the driving behaviour using more than 70 parameters such as steering wheel movements. After 20 minutes, a driver profile is created and is constantly compared with the driving behaviour. If the analysis takes patterns that might indicate fatigue or loss of concentration, the system generates an alarm and prompts the driver to stop and take a break. A display in the cockpit shows the driver’s concentration level and the driving time since the last break. ATTENTION ASSIST activates at speeds above 60 km/h and can be adapted to personal preferences and driving habits.

Effortless parking with the Parking package.

Two assistance packages in the new Sprinter help with parking and manoeuvring. Ultrasonic sensors provide better visibility. The Parking Assist with reversing camera can draw the driver’s attention to obstacles with visual and acoustic signals. A multimedia display shows the image from the reversing camera. Dynamic guidance lines simplify manoeuvring. The Drive Away Assist provides assistance when driving off. Collisions caused by putting the vehicle into the wrong gear or confusing the brake pedal and accelerator can be prevented by reducing the speed. A Blind Spot Assist is able to detect approaching traffic and brakes automatically if the worst comes to the worst.

Multimedia display of the Sprinter showing the reversing camera
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